Khomba Clear ” the new transparent soap contains the time-honored purifying ingredient Kohomba (Margosa), in combination with Lime and Cucumber, offering a unique herbal mix.

Kohomba (Margosa) and Lime deep cleanses and tones the skin whilst Cucumber soothes the skin leaving it refreshed and free of impurities, promoting clearer healthier looking skin.

” Khomba Clear ” is especially designed for cleansing, moisturising and improving the skin complexion. Its refreshing fragrance will keep your skin fresh throughout the day.

Used by people all over the world. Kohomba (Margosa) is a herb proven to be safe and gentle on all types of skin and it has been used for centuries as a herb with natural germ kill properties.

Product Group Beauty Soap
Product Placement Khomba Clear Herbal Transparent Soap
Active Herbal Ingredients Margosa oil ( Azadirachta indica )