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Khomba Baby

Natural Skin & Hair Care Products

Whilst having traveled our chosen path of exploring new techniques and natural products while maintaining the highest quality standards for over 75 years, we stand tall today as a company that is renowned for offering total value to our customers. Our brand portfolio now extends to a range of categories including natural skin care products, herbal beauty soaps, herbal baby soaps, herbal shampoos, herbal liquid soaps, herbal facial washes, herbal creams, floral perfumes, laundry soaps, detergent powders, liquid detergents and cleaners. They all bear the stamp of Swadeshi quality, assuring you of the purity of our ingredients and superiority of our products. At Swadeshi it is our firm belief that our heritage, culture, family values and traditional herbal concepts play a key role in the designing and manufacturing of our products that have made their mark not only nationally but internationally as well.


Azra Rizmy
Praveen Thushari
Shanika S Rathnayake
Sanju Karunarathna
Shafra Fathima
Shafra Fathima
Kasu Gayani
Thilini Harshani Silva
Светлана Демидова
Prabha Paranagama

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