At Swadeshi we believe that our “People, Nature & Traditions” should be recognized and protected to the best of our ability.

In order to re-kindle the spirit that’s inherently Lankan with its multitude of traditional values, we, the staff of Swadeshi play an integral role in several annual ceremonies including the illuminating ceremony at the historic Kelani Rajamahaviharaya, religious activities at the Katharagama Kiri Wehera temple, the Katharagama shrine, the Rathnapura Saman shrine, Devundara Sri Vishnu shrine and the Dambadeniya Rajamahaviharaya.

We truly believe that corporate activities such as these are vital for the instilling of our values and ensuring they are kept alive in the hearts and minds of future generations.

As part of our social responsibility activities we reach out to the children of our nation in many different ways. We provide well organized regional baby care programmes, pregnancy care etc. through the Khomba Baby brand.

In addition we contribute significantly towards the protection of the environment and nature through beauty and health care programmes as activations.